Group of five cubs in a hospital treatment room with a member of hospital staff, who is showing them an inhaler and spacer

In November 2023, our Cubs visited the Urgent Treatment Centre at Lymington New Forest Hospital, where they learned some valuable skills for life.

The cubs were given a tour of the centre, where they saw how the staff deal with different types of injuries and illnesses. They also had a chance to practice some essential first aid techniques. They even got to experience what it feels like to wear slings, as they pretended to be patients with broken arms!

The visit was a great opportunity for the cubs to learn more about the work of the NHS, and to appreciate the importance of being prepared for emergencies.

We are very grateful to the staff at Lymington Hospital for hosting us and teaching us vital first aid skills. Our cubs looked very convincing in their bandages and slings, some of the parents had a shock when they came to pick them up!

Our group is always looking volunteers who want to join the adventure. If you are interested, please get in touch!